The acupressure mat, I tested it!

In this blogpost I will present you a product that I use regularly. It’s the acupressure mat. An ingenious invention to relieve a multitude of small pains or limit the discomforts of life.

Content of the article:

  • Presentation of acupressure mats
  • Benefits and uses
  • Difficulty levels
  • My advice
  • Contra-indications

What is it, in fact?

A acupressure mat is a thin mattress covered with small flowers of which each petal is finished by a peak. When a part of the body is in compression against its flowers, the pimples in contact with the skin will stimulate thousands of pressure points on our skin.

The stimulation of these points allows to feel a certain number of benefits:

  • We’re going to be secreting endorphins
  • We’re going to stimulate nerve impulses
  • As well as blood circulation
  • We’re going to relax our muscles
  • Allow our body to relax (and at the same time our mind)
  • Avoid constipation, whether temporary or recurrent
  • And also to reduce certain pains (back pain, neck pain, heavy legs…)

What body parts can I use it for?

The back

  • Entire back: Relaxes muscular tension when you have contractures, aches and pains, minimal injuries. Relieves back pain, for example when you spend the day in front of a screen. Stimulation of a large area such as the back makes it possible to release toxins from the body so it is also recommended when we are sick, long bedridden… etc… To use the carpet on the whole back is particularly good when the pains are not very localized, but rather diffuse in the whole back.
  • Lower back (pelvis, kidneys): the mats’ contributions to the back are similar to those of the rest of the back, but when you focus the pressure on the lower back, it is more intense and so the benefits are particularly positive when the pain is precisely localized. For example, in the kidneys or pelvis. To use the carpet in this area, the carpet can be rolled on itself so that it is thicker and so the pressure is very localized and increased.
  • Shoulders: the principle is the same as the carpet’s use in the lower back, except that the targeted pains will be those of the shoulders or the upper back. I particularly appreciate the stimulation of this area for two reasons. I have an office job that makes me sit in front of a screen all day, so it causes tension in the upper back. I also practice climbing, which stimulates the deep muscles of the shoulders and therefore causes me strong muscular aches and pains. Simply adapt the use of the carpet to your needs.
tapis d'acupression de loin
The acupressure mat

The neck

Using the acupressure mat on the nape of the neck is a pure pleasure for cervical pain. When we have a meticulous job that makes us bend over all day long, when we work in front of the computer, when we carry heavy loads, when we are simply tired. This allows a rapid and lasting release of tension.

When we have irritations in life, stress, exams, appointments, we tend to the neck. For some people, it can even go as far as a torticollis and you can’t move your neck. In prevention, using the carpet allows to cross its periods with a more relaxed body. And so less frustration!


Stimulation of the feet by the acupressure mat is very useful for people who have a job where they stand upright for long periods of time, especially when they walk very little during the day. This makes it possible to awaken a little sensations in the sole of the feet and the legs.

I am not concerned, but what the acupressure mat brings to my feet is the stimulation of body energy in general. To start a day in great shape and full of energy for the whole day, there’s nothing better than to reserve a moment on the mat!


Finally, using the mat for legs reduces the feeling of heavy legs or pain at this location. The fact that acupuncture peaks stimulate the blood circulation would also make it possible to reduce cellulite (when this is caused by a bad circulation, because several causes can lead to cellulite). In the present day, I cannot confirm this last hypothesis on me. But I hope one day I can tell you: Yes! It even works for that!

I’m afraid I can’t handle the peaks… Are there different levels?

The use of acupressure mats is recommended in the morning as it allows you to spend a whole day with an ideal feeling. But if this is impossible, it is not contraindicated to use it in the evening or in a quiet moment during the day.

Personally, when I wanted to test the carpet, I took off my t-shirt and lay down gently on my back. And then… Oh woe! Impossible to stay 1 minute on the carpet, too painful! So for all the people like me who are sensitive, know that there are different techniques to support the carpet. That way our relaxation session is not an ordeal!

I started using the carpet with a t-shirt, to feel a little less pressure. In addition to that, I put the carpet on a soft surface, a bed, a sofa, which reduces the pressure of the carpet’s quills as well. As time went by, I was able to stay longer and longer on the carpet, I was able to take off my t-shirt, and I can even do it on hard surfaces now.

So don’t despair. Moreover, if you use the carpet without a T-shirt, it doesn’t mean it will work better, it depends on the people. At first, I felt the benefits very well when I was wearing a t-shirt, then I felt them less, and I had to take off the t-shirt to regain those sensations.

The best in my opinion

I particularly like the carpet on my back, neck and feet, but I only have one carpet. So I roll my carpet to make a puddle and stimulate more precisely zones of my body. I advise you, if you buy a carpet, to buy the pillow that goes with it. This allows to stimulate several parts at the same time. For example, back and neck.

I also advise you to give preference to acupressure mats made of natural materials such as linen, the least treated possible, and to buy through trusted sites. Because your skin will potentially be in direct contact with the material.

tapis d'acupression roulé
The acupressure mat rolled up to serve as a pillow


Be careful, the acupressure mat is not recommended for everyone. The contraindications are as follows:

  • For pregnant women
  • If you have open sores, sunburn or any skin problems in general, you should avoid this.
  • In case of high fever, you should avoid
  • If you have epilepsy, you should also avoid it. Ask your doctor for advice
  • If you have heart disease, it is not recommended to use the carpet.
  • If you are taking anticoagulants, avoid using the carpet. You can talk to your doctor about it.
  • If you have problems and illnesses related to the blood system, avoid using the acupuncture mat unless your doctor has expressly authorized it.

In any case, read all the information on the seller’s website because not all carpets are the same, so this list is not necessarily exhaustive. And if in doubt, ask your doctor!


I don’t have much to add, except that… you have to try it urgently! This carpet is a jewel! ♥

And you, what are your methods to relax?

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