Biarritz – discover surfing on the Basque Coast

La plage de la cote des Basques avec ses surfeurs

Biarritz is a beautiful city on the ocean coast. Elegant architecture and rough seas to the rhythm of waves and surfers

We started our journey in Biarritz downtown. It has a multitude of renovated old buildings, beautiful shop displays, many nice cafes and small bars/tapas with typical local delicatessen.

centre ville de biarritz avec beaux batiments et architecture
Biarritz downtown

Then we crossed the city to reach the coast. We followed it for a little while following the famous “Grande Plage de Biarritz”. What surprised us most was the impressive number of surfers. We went there in September and the water was not very cold.

La Grande Plage de Biarritz et ses surfeurs
The Big Beach of Biarritz and its surfers

It is through seeing so many people having fun in the waves, surfing, falling, getting up… that we thought to ourselves :

Why not us?! Come on, let’s try!

Here we are on the Basque coast renting our surfboards. We chose to take a sports class, and we did well! Otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to get up from my board! To prove to you how much this city is really the surfing city: on the picture above, all the little black dots you see in the water, they are all surfers! No swimmers, all, all, all, all surfers!

La plage de la cote des Basques avec ses surfeurs
The beach of the Basque coast with its surfers

In the end, going straight ahead is pretty easy! On the other hand, for figures in rolls and other tricks, we will come back next time. In the end, it was a really great experience. And finally, even though I had apprehensions, it disappeared and I was able to fully enjoy my day.

Moi en pleine action, bien fière sur ma planche !
Me in action, proud on my board!

We took advantage of our stay to eat seafood. We fell in love with mussels at the plancha of Chez Minus. The bad point? It’s in Cape Breton, so a little far from Biarritz. The most? It’s anything but a tourist restaurant, so it’s just the best value for money. And it can help to meet people from the region! Which makes it a very popular place, so remember to reserve! Even in September it was full!

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