Blue Lake Hiking

Fin de la première partie de la randonnée

A difficult hike for hikers not accustomed but very beautiful. It’s something to be proud of when you get to the top! And touched by the beauty of the place.

This hike can be done in summer, autumn and spring. That said, part of the walk is not shaded, so in summer you will have to provide plenty of water. We did it in early spring. I consider this hike not easy. It does 12km which is correct, but the difference in altitude is almost 1000m. This can be difficult for people who are not used to hiking or sports. With determination it remains however feasible! And the beautiful environment helps motivate you to go all the way up!

Les cascades sur le chemin du lac bleu
Waterfalls on the Blue Lake Road

This hike has two parts. The first part is relatively easy because the difference in altitude is not very important. It is also shaded. Which is nice in summer.

We enjoy this first part to cross several waterfalls on our way. And warm us up, to be prepared when we start climbing harder! Be careful, it can slip a little in autumn because the ground is sometimes wet.

Fin de la première partie de la randonnée
End of the first part of the hike

Once out of the trees, we arrive at very clear and beautiful landscapes. And we have several panoramic views of the Pyrenees. We see the hiking trail that continues high in the mountain!

Pas le moment de flancher, on respire un bon coup, et on se met à grimper !

Superbe panorama de la randonnée du lac bleu
Wonderful panorama of the Blue Lake hike

Once again we thank the landscape for being so beautiful for our eyes, otherwise, personally, I will have come back! But no, I absolutely wanted to see this famous lake that many people have told me about. So I remain motivated and I keep going up! Another cool point of this hike is that there are several small passages where you have to cross the river. And for that we get nets and other little amusements.

Les passages au dessus de la rivière
Passages over the river

That’s it, the hike is coming to an end, we end up with a path of slabs with some steps. 1968m! Here we are. And there… Surprise! It should have been beautiful. An electric blue that dazzles us. But no…. The mist has spread all over the lake and we can’t see it clearly! What a pity… But that will give us an excuse to come back here and see if it will be easier with more training! I’ll give you a picture of what we should have seen so we don’t disgust you, because it’s a beautiful hike!

La fin de la randonnée et la vue sur le lac bleu
The end of the hike and the view on the Blue Lake

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