Hiking on the Lakes of Oô and Espingo

un panorama du lac d'eau vu d'en haut

A very nice hike in the central Pyrenees, easy and pleasant. A great way to recharge your batteries in a beautiful place, and escape a little.


This hike can be done in summer, but in this case a good amount of water is necessary, as some passages of the hike are not shaded. Or in Autumn, as it was our case, and in this case it is a good pair of shoes that you need because the ground can quickly slip.

The route is divided into two parts, it is possible to make only the first part, which stops at the lake of Oô, which already offers a very beautiful visual and allows to rest at the water’s edge, in front of a beautiful waterfall.

Randonnée du lac d'Oô et sa cascade
Trekking of the lake of Oô and its waterfall

This first part lasts about 1h30 at a rather slow pace and there is about 300m of altitude difference. In the 1h30 I count the many small photo stops I make! Once at the lake of Oô we took the time to enjoy the view and the sun (even in Autumn!) to have lunch, to warm up. We could even have tanned! In fact, even if I advise you to start the hike in the morning, it is not necessary to hurry.

le lac d'oô vu d'en haut
The lake of Oô seen from the rest of the hike

Then we continued on our way up through the small path that leads to Lake Espingo and which is very well defined. This second part is clearly more difficult than the previous one because the positive difference in altitude is higher, about 700m. We took a little over 2 hours without counting the photo breaks I had to take!

un panorama du lac d'eau vu d'en haut
A panorama of the lake of Oô seen from above

That said, this portion is still doable even without training (but with energy!) because you have to cope with the difference in altitude over a long distance, and not over a short period of time.

During our ascent, we had several panoramic views of the lake of Oô in height, and also on the central Pyrenees. The views are amazing. Really beautiful. A shared feeling of freedom and peace.

Un panorama du lac d'espingo depuis le refuge
A panorama of Lake Espingo from the refuge

We finally arrived at Lake Espingo which is also very beautiful even though smaller. A splendid panorama since we arrive overlooking the lake. There’s a shelter here that looks very pleasant. We would have liked to stop but unfortunately we couldn’t! This can be a good compromise if you don’t feel like making the return trip in the same day (~2h for the return trip), or if you want to continue on multi-day hikes.

Une vue du lac d'espingo avec ses petites fleurs violettes
view of Lake Espingo with its small violet flowers

Liens utiles :
  • Topo of the hike which passes by the lake of Oô to reach the lake of Espingo (in french but can be traduce)

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