Pic du Midi

Une vue des pyrénées depuis le pic du midi

A breathtaking view of the Pyrenees from the Pic du Midi, which gives a 360° panorama. We are overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, wrapped in our coat while contemplating nature.

There are two ways to reach the Pic du Midi: on foot or by cable car. We chose to take the cable car because we were running out of time. The cable car is expensive (just under 40€), but it offers beautiful views of the Pyrenees from the sky. For the option on foot there are several hikes, a “short” one, about 2 hours walk, and a longer one, about 4 hours. Links to hiking topos are available at the end of the article.

Vue sur les Pyrénées depuis le Pic du Midi
View of the Pyrenees from the Pic du Midi

Once at the top there are several possible activities. There is a visit to the Museum which retraces the history of astrologers and geologists who forged the structure around the Pic du Midi. The museum is very informative and beautiful. You can also go to the planetarium, which is a cinema room broadcasting a documentary on the planets. And finally, the magnificent view. The museum is free while the planetarium costs 4€.

photo de la voie lactée prise par les astrologues du pic du midi
Photo of the Milky Way taken by the astrologers of the Pic du Midi.

Up there is a place to quench your thirst, eat and rest on sunbathing. Finally, you can also spend the night there to contemplate the stars in a place without light and very high. The stars are reputed to be very visible and beautiful from the Pic du Midi. Sometimes the Milky Way can be observed!

un coucher de soleil sur les pyrénées depuis le pic du midi
Sunset on the Pyrenees from the Pic du Midi

Useful Links :
  • About the Pic du Midi, with pricing and access (cable car) – website is in french but can be traduce
  • Hiking topo to reach the Pic du Midi on foot, easylevel (2h15 way, 1h45 way back)
  • Hiking topo to reach the Pic du Midi on foot, hiker level (4h way, 3h30 way back)

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