Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands – Part #2

Foret de pins aux alentours du volcan de Chinyero

Here you are on the second article about my trip to Tenerife, one of the beautiful Canary Islands. If you haven’t read the first part of my trip, you can do it : here !


So for this second part, we visited the second half of the island (the western half!) and so we changed accommodation. A very nice house in El Palmar in a very small village. And this wonderful place had a… Jacuzzi. Happiness after hiking!


Jour 7 : The lighthouse and the beach of Punta de Teno

The beach of Punta de Teno

A small car park is not far from Punta de Teno beach. We stopped there to go to the beach. It’s a very small bay. In front of us we have a panoramic view on extraordinary cliffs. The advantage is that the west of Tenerife is much less touristy, so despite the small size of the bay, it is not very busy so it remains very pleasant.

La playa Punta de Teno et sa belle vue
The beach Punta de Teno and its beautiful view

Punta de Teno lighthouse

A small path starts from this beach and measures a hundred meters. It skirts the cliffs and gives us magnificent views of the waves that crash against the rock. At the top of the path is a charming and well-maintained lighthouse, but I do not know if it is possible to enter.

Le phare tout proche de la plage Punta de Teno
The lighthouse near Punta de Teno beach


Jour 8 : Randonnées des Roques de Garcia & de Sámara hiking

Trekking of the Roques de Garcia

The hike of Roques de Garcia is simple and quite short. About two hours, a slight difference in altitude and a little less than 4 km. You can find the hiking itinerary on this site. The main spot, which is just glued to the starting car park of the hike, is usually invaded by tourists. But which tourists? Tourists who go to a volcanic site in sandals. So don’t be discouraged by the mass of tourists, because once you start the hike, there’s almost nobody left, even though it was in the middle of summer! So, in all tranquillity, we had magnificent panoramas on the Teide, Roques de Garcia (which are the chimneys of ancient volcanoes) and the immense volcanic desert left by the various lava flows that passed through there.

Vue sur les Roques de Garcia
View on the Roques de Garcia
Panorama visible depuis le sommet des Roques de Garcia
Panorama visible from the summit of Roques de Garcia
Panorama sur les falaises aux alentours des Roques de Garcia
Panorama on the cliffs around Roques de Garcia

Hiking in Sámara

During the same day we also made the hike of Samara. A superb tour where we were able to discover the hyper-changing landscapes of Tenerife. We begin in perfectly black desert landscapes because of the rocks and sand that make it up, then in a single stroke, without transition, green pines, which stand out fluorescent green in contrast to the dark soil. This hike zigzags between different craters of small volcanoes. Yes, not all volcanoes in Tenerife are as big as the Teide! But in any case there are a lot of them. Three allowed the island to be formed, and others continued to carve this magnificent island. You can find a summary of the hike here.

Le chemin de Samara qui slalome entre les pins
The path of Samara that slaloms between the pines
Panorama sur le paysage désertique où seuls des pins verts fluo survivent !
Panorama on the desert landscape where only fluo green pine trees survive!


Jour 9 : Trekking Barranco del Infierno

Barranco del Infierno is a special nature reserve because it is fragile. That is why the number of people in the area is limited to 300 per day. To do this hike it is necessary to reserve and it is paying (8€ for an adult). This allows you to be equipped with a helmet in case of a landslide. The hike is of medium difficulty with several passages with a difference in altitude. The scenery is beautiful. The path crosses between two cliffs overlooking us. It’s beautiful, the vegetation is lush, the rocks are beautiful. In short, this hike is a real joy. You can find information about this hike here.

Chemin au coeur du Barranco del Infierno (Super joli le casque obligatoire, n'est ce pas?)
Way to the heart of the Barranco del Infierno (Super pretty mandatory helmet , right?)
Les impressionnantes falaises du Barranco del Infierno qui nous conduise à une superbe cascade
The impressive cliffs of the Barranco del Infierno which leads us to a superb waterfall


Jour 10 : Kayaking with dolphins

In this tenth day we chose to go kayaking with dolphins. Quite strange as a day, knowing that everything that lives in the sea frightens me, dolphins included!

I’m not thinking too long, and we’re going. It’d still be silly to miss it!

We don’t have photos because we didn’t have waterproof devices. So you’ll have to take my word for it. We had the chance to see several dolphins, adults and children! A superb spectacle that made me forget for a moment that they are marine beings. As a result, it was an extraordinary moment when we are just spectators of the beauty of nature. The fact that we chose the kayak is not insignificant, because we wanted to remain respectful of the environment and the tranquillity of the animals. Nevertheless, we crossed several tourist boats coming for the same thing as us!

What we also wanted to do, but we didn’t have time, was to go out on the high seas to see whales. And then we would have taken a boat! These activities have a certain impact (usually around 50€). It’s up to you, one thing is for sure, I have absolutely no regrets!


Jour 11 : Hiking and walking near El Palmar

The eleventh day was marked by rest. To recover a little we decided to stay close to our accommodation. That’s why we went for a blind stroll near our village. A hike where we were able to meet lots of fruits to eat on the way, and other pretty plants!

Panorama depuis notre randonnée improvisée
Panorama from our improvised hike
Nibbling berries on the way…
(but not barbaric figs!)


Jour 12 : Cueva del Viento in Icod de los Vinos

The cueva del Viento is actually a cavity dug by the volcano Pico Viejo. We visited these cavities (20€ per adult), which look like a maze of underground labyrinths in lava tunnels. The guided tour is magnificent and underneath and very informative. I have learned a great deal about volcanoes, the environment around them and the consequences of that. You can find more information about the visit here. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, and the ones we took in the complete darkness are not famous.

Moreover, this Cueva is located in Icod de los Vinos, which we also visited at the same time! A colourful city, full of greenery. Moreover in this charming city we find the largest and oldest Drago Milenario which is an absolutely immense tree. Really impressive. It will take more than a dozen people to circle the tree!

Vue d'une des galeries creusée par un volcan.
View of one of the galleries dug by a volcano. Men has absolutely not touched that gallery.
La sympathique ville d'Icod de los Vinos
The lovely city of Icod de los Vinos


Jour 13 : Hiking around the Chinyero volcano

On the thirteenth day we embarked on a long hike (6h) which was proposed to us by the Tourist Office of the village where we stayed. It is a personalized hike as it goes through several hiking trails. We took the hiking trail 49 from San José de los Llanos until the 49 stops and joins the way 48 (very long hiking trail, but only part of it). So we turned left on the 48th to go around the Chinyero volcano and have a 360° view of the volcano.

During this loop, we arrive at a junction where we can reach the 51 road (which we did not do, we continued on the 48), and also, a little later, the 50 road, which leads us very close to San José de los Llanos. This hike sounds complicated with my poor explanations but in reality, it is physically difficult because it is long, but very easy to follow.

This hike is magnificent, with landscapes that follow one another, always more different and more majestic one from the other.

Foret de pins aux alentours du volcan de Chinyero
Pine forest near the Chinyero volcano
Fumée non identifiée provenant peut être d'un volcan... en tout cas il n'y a pas eu d'alertes à l'irruption !
Unidentified smoke coming from a volcano… in any case, there were no burst alerts!
Voici les chemins que nous avons suivi. on peut raccourci la randonnée en ne faisant pas le tour du volcan.
These are the paths we followed. you can shorten the hike by not going around the volcano (as in the photo)

Bonus: The… Jacuzzi !

Morning, noon and night… well, I’m exaggerating! But even so, without this marvel I would never have been able to recover hikes so quickly and therefore make so many of them!

PS: Food is also great in Tenerife!

Relaxation dans le jacuzzi
Relaxation in the Jacuzzi… Perfecto !

A short summary of hikes :

  • Roques de Garcia : 2 hours, 3.5 km, 211m of positive difference in altitude, difficulty from my point of view : easy
  • Samara : 3 hours, 5.1 km, 308m of positive difference in altitude, difficulty from my point of view : middle
  • Barranco del Infierno : 3 hours and 30 minutes, 12.6 km, a little more than 200m of positive difference in altitude, difficulty from my point of view : middle/hard (because intense heat)
  • Volcan Chinyero : 6 hours (with the loop around the volcano, 3 hours and half without), 12-14 km (with the loop around the volcano,10 without), I don’t know the positive gradient, difficulty according to me: difficult without training

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